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7 Most Common Jeep Patriot Problems & Tips For Fixing Them

The Jeep Patriot is a compact SUV with an all-wheel drive, truck-like appearance, and four doors, and it can comfortably seat up to 5 passengers. The model years of the Patriot span from 2007-2017, after which Jeep Compass phased it out. Over time the Jeep Patriot models are considered the most affordable compact SUV with off-road capabilities. However, Jeep Patriot seems always to have frequent issues. These issues give a lot of Patriot owners a lot of problems to have to deal with.

Common Jeep patriot problems are water leaks, overheating, whining noises, and sunroof leaks. Patriot owners have made complaints about these common issues, so we have created this article to help you know how to sort out any of these issues.

Most Common Jeep Patriot Problems

Like every other car, the Patriot comes with common problems after using it for some time. Therefore, we will discuss some of the Jeep Patriot’s problems in this section.

1. CVT Transmission Failure

Continuous Variable Transmission, also known as CVT transmission, often shows signs of failure when it overheats, warns of light, makes whining noises, and has problems with its acceleration. There have been many complaints by Patriot owners on CarComplaints.com about the CVT transmission failure — Owners have complained that this problem starts to come up only after a short time of purchasing it. The CVT transmission is typically used for small cars and SUVs because they are the best for moderate loads, but the vehicle’s efficiency slowly declines.

The Jeep Patriot models with this particular issue are 2007 to 2010 models. The CVT transmission eventually got replaced with the automatic one, which is a huge improvement over the previous generation.

2. Water Leaks Into Cabin

Many Jeep Patriot models are often affected by water leaking into the cabin. A lot of complaints have been made by patriot owners about the water leaks. The water typically leaks through the sunroof and also the dome light. The water leak problem started with the 2008 Jeep Patriot models and has continued to occur throughout several other models, even up to the 2016 model. The water leak can happen even though you have a soft or hard top. This issue could be frustrating to many owners because it not only creates water puddles in the cabin’s floorboard but could also cause severe damage to the car’s cabin and radio. Many owners have also made it known that the only solution they have been able to come up with is to repair the sunroof and the dome light. It is, however, essential to know that not all Jeep Patriot models are like this. You need to find out about what you are buying. Also, if you have a car warranty, you go to your car dealer to get the problem fixed with new struts.

3. Difficulty Shifting Manual Transmission

Vehicles with a manual transmission get to a point where it starts becoming difficult to shift gears. Driving with this problem could get a little uncomfortable and cause severe damage. The manual transmission issue is expected in the 2007 to 2010 Jeep Patriot models. Interestingly, it’s a problem Jeep shares with Chrysler and Toyota vehicles.

Patriot owners are already switching to an automatic transmission, but that doesn’t solve the problem. The complaints have been that the gearbox had some issues. The main complaints were difficulty moving into the first and second gear, shuddering sounds when moved to the third gear, and the transmission popping out of gear. These issues could cause a dangerous accident while driving.

4. Engine Overheating

An engine overheating is a serious problem that can happen to a Jeep Patriot. There are several reasons why the vehicle would overheat. Overheating can be caused by a faulty radiator, low coolant, broken water pump, or faulty electric fan. There are signs you would notice if there is an engine overheating. For example, you would notice a warning light on your dashboard, coolant leaks, hot hood, coolant leaks on the ground, white smoke, or loud ticking noises. These signs show when the Patriot overheats, and you should note them.

5. Electrical System Issues

The electrical system is essential to the Jeep Patriot because it helps it function properly. Your catalytic converter needs electricity to run effectively. Unfortunately, the electrical system develops specific issues that eventually stop the car’s smooth operation. The battery could be the cause of the electrical system issue. Batteries get drained if the lights are left on, eventually needing to be replaced. Batteries are expected to last for about 3-5 years. That said, a used car battery can have a shorter life span. An alternator is supposed to create electrical energy to charge the battery. If the alternator does not produce enough energy to charge the battery, the battery goes off, causing the car to stop running or the engine stalls.

Another thing you may notice if the electrical system is not correctly functioning is if the ignition switch fails to start the car. This is a sign of an electrical system issue.

6. Ball Joints / Suspension Problems

The ball joints are an essential part of the suspension system. Therefore, the ball joint must always be in good condition. The ball joint connects to the steering knuckle and the control arm, allowing the suspension to move quickly. The ball joint eventually develops faults after consistently performing these roles in the suspension system. When this happens, you will notice a few signs that show the ball joints are having issues. These problems include vibrations through the steering wheel while driving, loose steering wheel, uneven spots of wear in front tires, and squeaking or rattling noise from under the vehicle.

7. Wireless Control Module Failure

The wireless control module is responsible for controlling wireless entries like door locks, lighting, wipers, heating, and air-conditioning. It is located under the dashboard close to the fuse box. The wireless control module can get overloaded with too much information, causing it to make decisions incorrectly. For instance, if the ignition fails to crank up the engine or shuts down after cranking, the windshield may not work the way it should.

 A few symptoms will quickly let you know if your Jeep Patriot has a wireless control module failure. One symptom is that the wireless control module causes the vehicle’s electrical system to malfunction, such as the wipers, horn, and headlights. Another problem is that the wireless control module can misfire or cause the engine to stall unexpectedly. Finally, in some cases, the wireless control module can cause problems for the security system. For example, you may notice that your Patriot no longer locks or unlocks, or your window no longer moves up or down when using the window controls.

Tips For Fixing Common Problems

When you find out about the common problems of the Jeep Patriot, the best thing to do is find a means to fix the problem. If you are a Patriot owner or a person interested in owning a Jeep Patriot, it is vital to know and pay attention to the problems mentioned earlier. It’s also vital to keep an eye on any check engine light warnings regularly to spot issues sooner rather than later.

Water leaks can get into your cabin either through the dome light, sunroof, or even both. The water leaks can cause a lot of damage, meaning you must find a way to repair the sunroof and the dome light. In a situation like this, you’ll need to meet with a car mechanic or a jeep dealer. They will offer you a solution to the water leaks problem you may be having. The Jeep Patriot would always risk having electrical system issues, just like every other car. The first thing you must do is be able to identify the signs of an electrical system issue before it causes permanent damage. Once you figure out these signs, they will be easy for you to fix. Instead of trying to fix the fault yourself, it is advisable to let a professional handle it.

The ball joints are supposed to moderate how the car moves and affect how it steers. For example, there would be a problem if the Jeep Patriot could move left and right without the driver moving it that way. Failure of the ball joints can be fatal. This is why you need to speak to a mechanic to help replace the ball joints with quality ones.

The Bottom Line

The Jeep Patriot has some complications, as we have mentioned earlier. You should know about them, their signs, and what to do about them when it happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Jeep Patriots have a lot of problems?

Yes, the Jeep Patriot has a lot of problems. Although the Jeep Patriot is an affordable option for people who need to have a nice car, it has problems you should know about before you consider buying one. A common problem of the jeep Patriot is transmission issues which could cause your vehicle to have acceleration problems or suddenly stop moving while you drive. This could eventually cause severe damage.

Another problem would have to be with the water leaks. There have been complaints by jeep Patriot owners that there were times water leaks entered into the cabin through either the dome light and sunroof or both. This could leave water puddles in the cabin and cause severe damage to the radio and other materials in the cabin. Other common potential problems of the Jeep Patriot are electrical system issues, overheating, wireless control module failure, ball joints/suspension problems, and airbag issues.

Is the Jeep Patriot a reliable car?

Reliability is an essential factor when it comes to choosing a vehicle for yourself. Your vehicle’s reliability will reveal a lot about its performance and how well it can hold up. So before you decide to get one, you need to determine the Jeep Patriot’s reliability ratings. RepairPal.com gives the Jeep Patriot a 4-star rating out of 5. Their reliability rating is based on the maintenance’s cost, severity, and frequency. According to them, the maintenance and repair cost of the vehicle is inexpensive and a lot more affordable when compared to other compact SUVs, meaning that you will likely not have to spend a lot of money repairing it. The chances of going to the mechanic to fix severe or significant issues are not as expected. The frequency of repair visits is also average.

The NHTSA also rates the reliability of the Jeep Patriot a 3 out of 5 based on its crash safety.

Is it hard to find a mechanic who can work on a Jeep Patriot?

The answer to this question is no. Jeep Patriots can develop many problems after using them, and you may need help fixing them. You will need the help of a mechanic who knows how to work on a Jeep Patriot. Not all mechanics can deal with all problems, but you should know that it is not hard to find a mechanic who can work on it. There are a lot of platforms online that can help you search for mechanics who can help. RepairPal, for example, is a platform that will help you in the course of looking for a nearby mechanic who can help you fix your vehicle.

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