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5 Best Quality Gas Stations Of 2022 | [Full Guide] To Top Tier Gasolines

When it comes time to fill up your car, do you just search for the gas station with the lowest price? With rising gas prices, you might be tempted to do just that. However, not all gasoline is the same. Buying cheap gas can have some negative consequences on your car, and it could end up costing you more money in the long run. This is why you should always purchase Top Tier gas for your vehicle. Keep reading as we explain what Top Tier gas is and why it is better. We will also tell you what gas station has the best gas.

What Is Top Tier Gasoline?

There are only a handful of refineries and gasoline providers in the United States, so all gasoline must be equal, right? Not exactly. Even though most gasoline comes from the same place, some retailers put it through additional processes before delivering it to the pump. Top Tier gasoline retailers place special detergent additives in the gasoline before selling it. They also verify that the gasoline is free of certain organometallic additives. While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires some detergents to be added to all gasoline before selling, Top Tier brands go above and beyond the minimum requirements.

So, why do these extra additives matter? They help reduce harmful carbon buildup in your engine, and they can also reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. A recent study by AAA was conducted to determine whether Top Tier gas was worth a few extra cents per gallon. The study found that it was. In fact, after running an engine for approximately 4,000 miles, the study found that the Top Tier gasoline produced 19 times fewer carbon deposits in the motor than regular gas. This makes a strong case for always using Top Tier gas in your vehicle.

Octane Ratings Explained

Some people might think that premium fuel is the same as Top Tier gas. However, premium fuel refers to the octane rating of gasoline. When you buy gas, you typically see three numbers at the pump that you can choose from. These are typically something like 87, 89, and 91. These are the octane ratings of the fuel at that station. Premium gas is the highest rating, and it is usually either 91 or 93. So, what is an octane rating?

This rating specifies the performance of the gasoline. It tells you how much pressure the gasoline can withstand before igniting or combusting. The higher the rating, the more pressure it can handle. Some performance vehicles, like Audi or BMW, require premium fuel due to the compression ratio of the engine. If you fill the tank with low-octane fuel, then the fuel will ignite before the spark plug fires. This will lead to pinging or knocking in the engine, and it can cause internal damage to your motor. Putting in higher octane than is required will typically not harm your engine, although it can decrease performance in some cases. You should always fill your tank with whichever kind of fuel your manufacturer recommends in your owner’s manual.

Gas Stations With The Best Quality Gas

Now that you know what Top Tier fuel is, which gas station has the best quality gas? Here are our picks for the retail brands with the best quality gas in America.

#1. Editor’s Pick: Chevron

By far, Chevron has the best quality gas in the United States. Their Techron blend of additives has been found to reduce carbon deposits and keep your engine running clean for thousands of miles. In addition, Chevron gas stations are easy to find. With around 7,000 gas stations across the country, you can almost always find one wherever you are traveling. Most of these stations also have convenience stores inside so that you can grab a drink and a snack when you get gas. You can even sign up for a Techron Advantage credit card to save money at the pump each time you fill up.

#2. Costco

While you might think of Costco as a bargain brand store, they have some of the best quality gas in America. Many people shop at Costco to save money on household items, but you can also save money on gasoline there too. Their Kirkland Signature gasoline blends offer detergents and additives that will keep engine deposits to a minimum. Keeping your engine clean will lead to maximum performance and increased fuel economy. In addition to saving money on groceries and home goods, go ahead and purchase gas while you are at Costco as well.

#3. Shell

The Shell logo is recognizable to almost everyone, and this brand has excellent gasoline to back it up. Plus, with over 12,000 locations in the United States, Shell has the largest presence of any of the major Top Tier gasoline brands. When you buy gas here, you can rest assured that your combustion chamber and internal engine components will remain clean and functioning efficiently. Shell Fuel Rewards also allows you to save money each time you stop at the pump, and those rewards can really add up quickly.

#4. Exxon

Exxon ranks high on our list because of the special blend of fuel additives in their gasoline. These ingredients will not only keep your engine free of carbon deposits, but they can even help clean old deposits from your intake valves and other engine parts. Exxon is a big name in the gasoline industry, and they have thousands of gas stations across the country. They meet and even exceed the Top Tier standards, so you can be sure that you are purchasing high-quality gas at Exxon.

#5. Mobil

Mobil is known for producing some of the best engine oil on the market, and their gasoline is some of the best as well. Their products will keep your car engine running smoothly for years, and their additives are specially formulated to reduce engine deposits and improve fuel efficiency. In most places, ExxonMobil operates both the Exxon and Mobil brands, and their products are nearly identical. If you want to keep your engine performance high, then Mobil gas is a great choice.

#6. Texaco

If you want great gasoline, then look for the Texaco star. Their Top Tier fuel will keep your fuel injectors clean, and it will keep your engine running smoothly. Texaco sells a Top Tier detergent gasoline that reduces carbon buildup and increases your gas mileage. They have been around for many years, and there is a reason for it. Their gasoline is top-notch, and their customer service is great as well.

#7. BP

BP is one of the best-known gasoline brands in America, and they have some of the highest quality gasoline on the market. Their special detergents help to clean existing carbon buildup in your engine. So, even if you have been using non-Top Tier brands, then your engine performance should improve if you switch over to BP gasoline. BP typically sells three octane levels, and their premium fuel works great in high-performance engines.

#8. Marathon

Although Marathon does not have as large of a presence as some of the others on the list, their gasoline is nearly just as good. They sell Top Tier gas that can be used in vehicles from all the major automakers. Whether you have a Ford, Toyota, or Honda, your car will be glad that you decided to stop at the Marathon station. The additives in their gasoline will keep your internal engine components clean for many miles. Marathon gas is often a few cents cheaper than some of the leading national brands, so consider using their gas the next time your vehicle is near empty.

Advantages Of Using Top Tier Gas

There are many advantages of using Top Tier gas. The two biggest advantages are a reduction in carbon buildup and improved engine performance. Top Tier gasoline burns cleaner inside your combustion chamber, and your intake valves and fuel injectors will continue to operate efficiently for many years.

In addition, you should see increased fuel economy when using Top Tier fuel. Though it might be a couple of cents more expensive per gallon, the advantages greatly outweigh the cost. Finally, Top Tier gas will help keep your catalytic converter clean and functioning properly. Though it can still be a good idea to use a catalytic converter cleaner occasionally, you should not need them very often when using Top Tier gas.

Negative Effects Of Cheap Gas

Non-Top Tier gas can have several adverse side effects on your vehicle. First, you will likely notice that your car starts to idle rough. You might also notice a decrease in performance when you press the accelerator. This is because the carbon deposits in your engine are not allowing the intake and exhaust valves to open and close fully. Your fuel injectors will also start to become clogged. This will lead to poor fuel economy and a decrease in engine performance. You might think you have the symptoms of a bad fuel pressure regulator, but it could just be clogged injectors. With the wide availability of Top Tier gasoline, skip the cheap brands and buy the good stuff to avoid these negative effects.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the highest quality gas around, then head to your local Chevron station. There are many stations that sell great gasoline, but you should always make sure that the station you visit is a Top Tier station. Even though stations like Sinclair, Arco, Sunoco, Citgo, and Conoco didn’t make our list, they sell Top Tier gas that will perform well in your vehicle. Saving a few cents on cheap gas today could end up costing you much more in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who sells the best quality gas?

So, what is the best gas station? Our pick for the best quality gas is Chevron. Costco and Shell also sell great quality gasoline, but you should always stick to Top Tier brands no matter what. Failure to do so could result in carbon buildup in your engine. This will lead to many negative consequences like decreased performance and fuel economy.

Is the gas from a gas station better than gas from a grocery store?

As long as the gas you are buying meets the Top Tier standards, then you should be confident that the gasoline will work well in your vehicle. However, if your grocery store is not a Top Tier brand, then you should not buy that gas. Head down to a gas station that meets the Top Tier standard to keep your car running smoothly.

Is premium gas worth the extra money?

When it comes to octane ratings, you should use whatever your manufacturer recommends. If your vehicle does not require premium fuel, then buying it is usually a waste of money. However, if your car requires a premium octane rating, then you should never put regular fuel in it. Using gasoline with a lower octane rating could lead to pinging and engine damage.

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    • I would report that station/store. I’m not sure who but maybe the Secretary of Transportation for your state. They might look into your claim. I bet gas is randomly tested, unannounced.

  1. Don’t use cheap gas, just to save 50cents on a tank full, you’ll have to pay the consequences down the road, you’re better off buying from quality brand gas stations instead.

  2. You didn’t mention PHILLIPS 66, 76, CONOCO , or SUNOCO!! These gasolines are far superior to the gasolines you notes… especially COSTCO!!

    • Costco gas is Top Tier gas. Top Tier gas is gas that exceeds the federal detergent requirements by a minimum of 2.5x. Costco publicly displays that their gas exceeds federal detergent requirements by 5x. Costco is far and away the cleanest gas you can burn in your engine, while simultaneously being the low cost. The reason……Costco’s business model is not about discounting but rather Costco has a fixed percentage profit on all products. It’s the same profit percentage whether a pair of socks, or a gallon of gas.

    • Doug,
      You know gas comes from the same refineries in the area. Here on the left coast in the Bay Area we only have 3 refineries. I have been running Costco gas for 20+ years and never had an injector fail. It’s not like they ship it from the gulf coast.
      Even gas at the off brand Mom and Pop places get the same gas. They just get the partial tanks from the semi truck that had leftovers. So it may or may not have some top tier gas in the tanks.
      Growing up in Ohio/Indiana I remember my parents skipping a fill up if the truck filled the tanks because of sediment in the tanks.
      It’s so regulated over here that I have had to get into one of my cars tanks and it was clean as it was when it was made.
      For the Ethanol gas…works in most of our cars. Not my classic car. I have to add an additive on my tank so it won’t chew through my rubber lines and carburetor gaskets.

  3. You didn’t mention QT’s ethanol free gas. I get better mileage and performance with it even in my 2008 Mazda 3 2.0L than all the others mentioned in this article. My girlfriend says the same thing for her Lexus IS350.

    Plus, it won’t eat your lawn equipment like all the others with ethanol.

    Ethanol is a lie, search and check it out yourself.

  4. Not sure if still the same but I have known many people whose cars had issues with BP gas-and one with a relatively new Mercedes back at the time was told if he used it again, they would void his warranty. Shell used to also be known for their additives coating things and causing problems- at one time BP (British Petroleum) and Shell were joined in partnership and may have used the same gas, but I think they separated back out quite some years ago, but I have continued to stay away from both

  5. You really need to change your list around a little bit. Chevron and Texaco are the same and use the same Techron additives, as do Exxon and Mobil. They use the same Synergy additives.

    Arco is a little more complicated. Arco is the same as Marathon except in Northern California, Oregon and Washington, where BP still controls the brand.


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